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There's nothing like a live photo booth to bring new life to your event. A live photo booth adds a new element of flare and imagination to your party. It gives your guests something else to do and something else to talk about while they share their on-site printed photos with each other.

We bring our portable studio that includes on-site printing, backdrops, lights, and clean props for guests to use, sleeves to package your phtos in, as well as on-site staff to make sure you get some amazing images. We also offer on-site social media and green screen services (so that you can place your guests in front of any global background).

Live Photo Booths work great for:

  • Charity / Fund Raiser
  • Corporate Function
  • Wedding
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Party
  • Retirement
  • Birthday
  • Reunion

What's the difference between a live booth and a machine?

There are a lot of differences and each has their own advantages. Some of the reasons we love our live photo booth service is because it provides:

  • Quality on-site 4x6 printing
  • Capable of capturing larger group shots
  • An in-person photographer can help setup the shot and bring excitement to the event
  • Produce high-resolution images that can be used post-event
  • Customized options

What does it cost?

Check out the Price Catalogue for some of the standard packages. If you're inquiring for a school or charity, please contact us for additional fund-raising options.

Did You Know?

We also offer Green-Screen photos that allow you to pick your own custom backdrop! Ask for details!

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