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One of my favourite activities is taking event photos because of the opportunity to capture some of life's most natural moments. We spend a lot of time planning our events, making sure we have the right invitations, food, drinks, decorations, and flowers, and yet when it comes to capturing all those beautuful things that make our friends and family smile, we "hope" someone has their iPhone or camera with them. One of the reasons I actually took up event photography is because I would hear people say, "I wish we had someone to take pictures, so we could show you how great the event was."

The other challenge when you hold an event is that sometimes you're running around trying to make sure everyone has their food and drinks, getting snacks, cutting cakes, and while all that is going on, you're also trying to snap photos! You've seen how those turn out - fuzzy, grainy, guests half cut out of the image.

What makes it different when I photograph your event?

I like to focus on non-traditional photo shots and that means I don't invest your time gathering you and your guests in posed photos. Instead, by blending into your event I look to capture as many natural moments as possible during the time that I am there. Having said that, if you want posed photos as part of your event, it can be worked into your package.

What does it cost?

Events are entirely customizable. That means you have a lot of options/flexibility in your cost. Click on the Get A Quote link to provide some additional details and we'll send over a starting estimate.

You can also check out the Price Catalogue and that will give you some general prices without customization.

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 Event Photography Couple Gazing into each other's eyes

 Event Photography Couple with dad looking at expecting mother

 Event Photography Wedding Toast


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